Effective Green Card Process

Destroy that stressful barrier that separates you from your family. At Elsa T. Gonzales, P.C. in Dallas, Texas, our office handles all the details and procedures to ensure that our clients are not overwhelmed with the green card process. By hiring our services, you lessen the risk of submitting a family-based immigration application with mistakes that could lead to a delay in reuniting with loved ones. 

Family Immigration Visas

We want to help your family join you as soon as possible. Attorney Gonzales has many years of experience exclusively in immigration law. We have decades of successfully-filled green card applications based on family status. The family immigration visas we help obtain are the following:

• Fiance(e) (K-1 /K-3) Visas   • Spousal Visas  • Family Visas  • Family Adjustment of Status

Basic Eligibility

The categories of relatives that may be sponsored to immigrate to the United States may vary. This depends on whether the United States relative is a citizen or a lawful permanent resident. A permanent resident may sponsor his or her husband or wife or an unmarried son or daughter of any age. Correspondingly, a U.S. citizen may sponsor the following:

• Husband or Wife • Unmarried Child under Age 21
• Unmarried Son or Daughter over 21 • Married Child of Any Age
• Brother or Sister, If the U.S. Sponsor Is at Least 21 Years Old • Parent, If the U.S. Sponsor Is at Least 21 Years Old

Contact us to find out what is required to immigrate a family member who is in the U.S., Stateside or abroad.