U.S. Immigration Application Services

At the law offices of Elsa T. Gonzales, P.C. in Dallas, Texas, we provide assistance with immigration and citizenship application processes.

Immigration Services

If you need legal work, more specifically immigration related legal work, we can do it! Our office offers realistic assessments as well as flat fees for immigration petitions and applications. We are more than happy to help you throughout the following procedures:

• Completing and Filling the Necessary Petitions and Applications
• Helping to Gather Required Documents
• Representation at Interviews
• Verifying the Qualifications of a Potential Employee Who Is a Foreign      Citizen
• Labor Certification Applications (PERM), work permit applications, travel applications, renewal of green card applications, provisional waiver applications, unlawful presence waivers, fraud waivers, change of status applications, extension of status applications, deferred action applications, parole in place applications, and humanitarian parole applications.
• Performing Compliance Reviews for Companies That Employ Foreign      Citizens

• Review of Criminal Records to Determine Eligibility for Immigration Benefits such as permanent residence and U.S.  Citizenship 

• Referral to English Language Classes and Citizenship Classes
• Review of Immigration History in Representation for Permanent Residence, Citizenship Application and Consular Processing
• Removal Defense Representation
• Appeals 
• Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Background Checks to                Determine Eligibility for Immigration Benefits 


Contact us to for help with your immigration and citizenship applications